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  Successful Email Marketing  

Email marketing is a powerful tool when used right converting subscribers to paying customers over time. It allows you an opportunity to easily share what you have to offer in a manner in which the subscriber is receptive, but only when it is done correctly. Let’s have a look at the 9 steps you should use to enjoy email marketing success.

Step #1 Determine What Your Goal Is
For your email campaign to be a success you need to know what your actual goal is. This allows you to accurately target and measure the success of your goals along the way. Here is an example of goals to consider:

* Are you successful at alerting customers of new features and products you have to offer.
* DO you announce upcoming events in a timely manner and do people register for it
* DO you send email to get subscribers to also subscribe to your blog and do you measure your conversion rate.

Step #2 Who Your Emails From
The name and email address that you send your email from needs to remain consistent on every single email you send. That creates brand recognition and you are less likely to land in spam.

Step #3 Subject Line
Your email subject line need to be a call to action for your subscriber. They need to immediately know what action is required of them and why. Remember you only have 45 characters that are visible so make sure that you use them wisely and your message does not get cut off.

Step #4 The Email Body
Did you know that most people will read an email in under 10 seconds? Therefore, it is important that you are presenting the most important part of your message at the top of the email. This is also helpful because it shows as the snippet in the subscribers email program.

Step #5 Email Signature
Your email signature should match the ‘from’ in the email. You should sign the email and include any other information you think the recipient should have such as your phone number, or perhaps your degree is important, or your web address.

Step #6 Testing Your Email
It is important that you always test your email on a number of email platforms and on mobile devices, which make up a larger percentage of where email is read. That way you can make sure that your email is coming through correctly on all platforms.

Step #7 Send the Email
Always include the option to view as HTML or text. This is it! It’s time to send out your email campaign and start to enjoy the benefits.

Step #8 Measure
In order to know if your email campaign is successful you need to measure the click through rate and the unsubscribe rate. This will help you determine what you need to change or what’s working.

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Google Analytics Explained

Web Statistics Tracking System WHAT'S INSIDE: ✅ Learn how to get information on the traffic to your website, the page rank and the bounce rate ✅ Track website revenue by category, channel, keyword, average order and conversion rate ✅ [...]


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