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  How to Optimize your Mobile Email Marketing  

You may have created your email marketing campaign for both PCs and mobile devices. Perhaps your email marketing campaign already looks great on a mobile but what happens when the subscriber clicks on a link in your email? Where does your subscriber land up? If your mobile site doesn’t have a landing page SparkPage is an app that allows you to create mobile landing pages. Of course, there are others. You can build each page in just minutes using it to provide details on a special offer.

Take advantage of Google Analytics for mobiles, which allows you track your mobile users when they visit your landing page(s). It will allow you to find pitfalls, bottlenecks, and improve your conversion rates.

You are going to want access to some good email templates. Make sure you test the templates you are going to use as many emails don’t display properly on mobile devices. For example, some templates provide text that’s too small or templates that are too wide. This will destroy your engagement with your subscribers. Your best bet is to seek out templates that are designed for mobiles and then you won’t have to worry about problems.

Mobile CTA tracking is what you need now that your campaigns for mobile devices are completed. You can track mobile campaign goals. You want to promote your new app to your users. You can create a unique URL for your email campaign and track the mobile installs that are generated using an app like You will also want to promote your new app to your users and the best way to do that is by emailing to their smart phone.  You can use something like LogMyCalls to track the number of calls being generated by your email marketing.

The main thing to remember and focus on when working on optimizing your email marketing campaign for mobile devices is to use tools that are designed for mobile devices. That will eliminate a lot of the hassles you can run into.

Mobile email marketing is a very important tool for today’s consumer. Email marketing should no longer just focus on email clients for computers. If you want to maximize the value of your email marketing campaign your focus should include mobile devices. In fact, a great deal of focus should be put on the mobile side of your email marketing and you will maximize your sales.

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